You've reached the Black Widow, property of shadows, daughter of ghosts, previously unmade. Coming to terms with humanity one fumbling step at a time. Wife of Clint Barton. You better watch your head. Current mainverse events: 37 weeks pregnant.
Who do you want me to be?

help which one do I like better?

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  1. archonandtheemissary answered: Left. Better view of your pretty face, looks like you’re laughing.
  2. fortunefavorsthebravedude said: First one.
  3. sidusnatura answered: first!
  4. morethanjustmachines answered: //first one, the one of the left, i think?
  5. cordeliabarton answered: I love both of them. I think for a more serious role, it’d be the left. For comedy or musicals, the right.
  6. thecirqueassassin answered: THE FIRST ONE! ON THE LEFT
  7. theshielddoctorarchives answered: FIRST ONE
  8. sigrvif answered: one on the left
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