You've reached the Black Widow, property of shadows, daughter of ghosts, previously unmade. Coming to terms with humanity one fumbling step at a time. Wife of Clint Barton. You better watch your head. Current mainverse events: 37 weeks pregnant.
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Only a couple steps away and something else was going on back there. Felix froze when he heard the statement, praying he’d been wrong. But there was that girl, getting up in the jock’s face. “Fuck me.” He blinked, watching as she continued. It was only when she turned to leave that he moved again, hurrying after her.

"Why the fuck did you do that?" Felix grabbed her arm to turn her around. He wasn’t going to say thank you, he wasn’t going to take her charity gladly, but he was curious. Nobody in this school gave two shits about him.

The moment she felt someone touching her Natasha swung around to yank her arm free, not caring who she hurt, even if it was herself. When she saw it was the kid she pointed a warning finger in his face. “Do. Not. Touch. Me.”

Straightening up, Natasha shook out her hair with a careless shrug. “Because I don’t care what other people think,” she explained. “Those jugheads aren’t about to beat the shit out of a girl, and popular girls fight with words. If the attention’s on me, no one’s getting beaten up and—like I said—I don’t care what people think or say about me. I accepted that I’m the school horse a long time ago, dude. Just take the goddamn favor.”



Felix turned back to look at her. “I don’t need any fucking charity.” Before he could turn back around he ran into someone and his hood was ripped off.

"Yo, check out Blake’s face. Must’ve lost a fight with the floor."

It was the same stupid jocks as always. Felix pulled his hood back over his face and pushed past the larger kid. “Fuck off.” He muttered.

As soon as the taunts started up Natasha was on the defensive, intentionally getting up in the beefhead’s face. “Actually, he got it because I fucked him through the mattress last night,” she announced loudly. “I like it rough. And when we were done? We took a ride to your house and had a threesome with your mom.”

A chorus of "Ooooh!"s rose up around them, and pretty soon all the attention was off that kid and on how big a slut Natasha was. Just as she liked things. She straightened her scarf and strutted away.



Felix was almost finished packing up his bag when he heard her. He turned around and looked at the girl, sour look on his face. “I got fucking punched, what’s it look like?” He closed his locker and started to walk past her.

Natasha slammed her locker door shut. “Yeah, I know you got punched, idiot, now shut up before I give you another shiner to match,” she snapped. “And learn how to take a joke, kid, I was being nice for once.”

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Felix hurried through the hallways, hood over his head, looking down, trying to avoid everyone’s eyes. The shiner on his face was a nasty mix of purple, black, and yellow, just starting to heal itself. He went towards his locker, opening the thing up, and started to get out the books he needed for his first few classes.

Rifling through her own locker, Natasha saw the kid coming a mile off, and honestly she couldn’t be bothered. Then again, he kind of looked like a lost puppy, and she felt sick. Taking the shit always made her feel better.

"Nice eye, kid, did a kitten lick you too hard?" she asked.


Stark Tower serves as the head office for Stark Industries. It is comprised of some of the most advanced technology in the world and is built with nigh indestructible materials. Every wall both interior and exterior is made of Vibranium reinforced concrete, the windows too are virtually indestructible. The Tower comprises of ninety-three floors in total. The entire building is powered by an arc reactor and its electronic systems are maintained by J.A.R.V.I.S.

  • Roof: The Quinjet is located up there. Other VTOL planes are able to land on the roof with proper clearance. After the Manhattan Incident, should there be another attack; a protection dome made out of In material covers the top of Stark Tower, protecting the citizens from letting anything dangerous from letting loose on the streets of New York City.
  • Hangar: This floor is the hangar for the Avengers’ Quinjet, a storage space and machine shop to repair the Quinjet. The Quinjet rests on a platform that sits under the hatch located on the roof.
  •  93rd Floor: This floor is considered to be the Avengers’ actual headquarters. It contains computer banks, a communications center and a briefing room. When not at S.H.I.E.L.D. many of the Avengers meet here to discuss plans and tactics.
  • 92nd Floor: Contains more living areas.
  • 91st Floor: Contains the Avengers’ living quarters. There are suites for the members and several guest rooms for the other Avenger members and extended family, dining and living areas. Contains the following arrangement:

    Living Room: This area is where the Avengers can meet and just relax. It does have a communication device.

    Main Conference Room: The tops floor contains the Main Conference Room where the Avengers are able to meet and plan about various things dealing with them.
  • 90th – 88th Floors: These two floors consist of Tony Stark’s living quarters. Only he has access to the floors.
  • 87th Floor: The Hall of Armors is located on this floor, while it is different from the one that Tony has at his home, it contains many of his more recent models.
  • 86th Floor: This floor houses Tony Stark’s personal office along with his workshop.
  • 85th– 75th Floors: The ten floors below the couples’ living quarters are for R&D.
  •  74th – 69th Floors:  The five floors below R & D are the various laboratories ranging from Aerodynamics to Biochemical evolution.
  • 68th – 65th Floors: These three floors are used for Beta Testing Stark engineered inventions.
  • 64th Floor: This floor is dedicated to Conference Halls. In total there are three conference Halls, two are for Design Exhibitions and a Main Hall for Board meetings.
  • 63rd Floor: Recreation and Leisure Areas are located on this floor.
  • 62nd Floor: This Floor contains the Cafeteria, kitchen, and newly built recreation area with a couch, television, video games, and a chessboard; built in memory of Edward Allen.
  • 61st 60th Floors: Human Resources and Public Relations make up these two floors. 
  • 59th – 1st Floor: The various offices make up the business end and cover the first fifty-nine floors of Stark Industries.

  • Lobby: The ground floor of Stark Tower is the reception area for Stark Enterprises. The reception room is filled with hidden scanners to scan visitors. If visitors are hostile, alarms are sounded. Depending on the threat level, appropriate security measures are then taken. Threat Level Alpha contacts the Avengers. 

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Sam knew that he should’ve stretched after running those ten miles. Getting a proper stretch after a run was always necessary in order to prevent cramping, but he had made the mistake of sitting down next to a tree, completely skipping that crucial step. This left him all cramped up with nowhere to go. Literally.

Lucky for him, a stranger walked by and gave him that crucial second of eye contact. Maybe Sam wasn’t as screwed as he thought.



“D’ya think you could help me up?”

Oh, this is gonna be too good—

The young woman turned away from the man asking for help, fiddled with something around her hairline, and suddenly turned back with a different face.

"Who, me?"

A hi-tech SHIELD camouflaging mask hung from one hand.


"Why wouldn’t they be happy noises? I fear you underestimate my babysitting capacity.” Tony’s mouth rounded in real surprise when Katya’s hand touched the arc reactor. Like a moth, she seemed drawn to the light. And oddly, Tony had no problems with it.

He could babysit for a little longer—if she needed him to. If Katya was okay with it. Which she genuinely seemed to be. And this all was a great much-needed distraction.


"Yeah. Kit Kat is good company."

"You know what I mean," retorted Natasha with a fond roll of her eyes. She smoothed down a few stray curls on Katarina’s head, mouth twitching into a smile. The baby seemed completely enamored of Tony, so Natasha thought perhaps she could trust him to keep an eye on her a little longer.

Honestly, she was exhausted. With Clint hard at work trying to rebuild SHIELD Natasha was alone with the baby more often than not, and still she continued doing what work she could from home. That combined with the baby was more tiring than she ever thought possible.

"I’m glad you two’re hitting it off." The confession was genuine. If Tony hated her kid she didn’t know what she would do. Probably kill him. "Still, I’m sure you have—you know, stuff to do. I can take her back downstairs to my place and leave you be.”

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